South Florida Lake Okeechobee fishing report

South Florida Lake Okeechobee fishing report

This is The South Florida Lake Okeechobee fishing report with Capt Brian. We went out of the south end of the lake again today. I had Reeder and his sons on a 6-hour trip. They just wanted to go out and chill out and have a good time and so we grabbed a 6 dozen shiners from slims there and ran out to the main lake where we have been catching quite a few fish got out there, and there are some other boats around us so we got set up on one of the reed heads that we’ve been catching some fish near and it wasn’t too bad of a day, great weather the wind is blowing again out of the South East which seems like it’s been blowing for the last month and a half 2 months almost. Our day it started out fairly dark with some clouds over us and then the sun popped out and temperature really warmed up and it made for a real nice day the boys did pretty Good They ended up catching a bunch of fish it was was a little slower than we expected it to be compared to last couple days, but I just had to move around kind of you know we moved about four or five different reed heads just kind of bounced around catch 3 or 4 fish at one and move to another one, and we had a few slow periods in there but they ended up with a nice five and half pound fish and I think everyone ended up catching a 4 pound fish apiece and some pretty good numbers and a couple small fish, but a lot of the fish were in between that two and a half to 3 pound range so they really enjoy the day and and got to get out on to the lake and kind of see what Okeechobee was about and see what shiner fishing is about and Reeder got the spend some time with the boys, and that was his main goal just get some time and spend some quality family time together, and weather was decent so I think everything worked out pretty good for the guys so hopefully they’ll be back. And and and we can get him on some bigger fish and get that fish of a lifetime for him Okeechobee is doing well, and we are looking forward to seeing everybody come down, im looking forward to catching some big fish on the next new Moon coming here in a week or so, so get your booking down for a trip of a lifetime. give us a call down here at and we’ll get you out there on the lake and hopefully catch a fish of a lifetime and have a trip of a lifetime down here, this has been your South Florida Lake Okeechobee fishing report tight lines until next time this is Capt Brian Brown looking to stretch some line with you.

Capt Brian Brown is a seasonal full-time bass fishing guide, he is also your go-to Crappie fishing guide on Lake Okeechobee. With over 20yrs of experience, Brian can help you understand the movements of fish, understand how to read your electronics. As well as helping you choose the proper tackle to use for your next fishing trip. So if you are ready for a fun day on the water with great fishing tips thrown in, Capt Brian could be the guy for you.

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