Winter Peacock Bass Fishing in Naples, Florida with Captain Mark Rose

Winter Peacock Bass Fishing

If winter conditions are bad across the United States, Florida also feels the effects. Warming trends have helped the peacock bass fishing here in Florida. Come enjoy a winter peacock bass fishing trip in Naples, Florida next time visiting the sunshine state.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Cody and Jake. They wanted to experience the Golden Gate Canal System in Naples while they were visiting on vacation. These boys were in search for their first peacock bass.

Conditions were not the best for peacock bass fishing but we made it happen. Cody and Jake caught 11 bass in their quick trip with several quality peacock bass in the boat. It is always awesome to put people on fish that they have never caught before. They even caught several nice largemouth bass.

Domestic shiners were the most effective bait to catch bass here on the canal system. They want to come back and experience more especially Lake Okeechobee. Florida is the perfect place to catch a variety of bass on different locations. Don’t miss out on your Florida Fishing adventure next time visiting!

Come Catch Yours Today with Capt Mark Rose on Golden Gate Canal.

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