First Okeechobee Fishing

Ohio Natives First Okeechobee Fishing Trip in South Florida

First Okeechobee Fishing

Many people travel to Florida every year to come and enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. What they are missing out on is the incredible bass fishing that can be had. You have to experience your first Okeechobee fishing trip next time visiting Florida.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Kevin, Luke and Travis. They were traveling from Ohio this season and wanted to experience something different. It was their first time ever on Lake Okeechobee. A Peacock Bass Fishing adventure in the Amazon was the only bass fishing they had ever done.

We had an amazing fishing trip. The action was incredible and more than anticipated. They went out on a quick morning trip and had a great time on the water.

Wild caught live shiners were the most effective bait to catch Florida Lake Okeechobee Largemouth Bass. Anchor rigs were highly successful. You have to let the bait marinate the water in order to produce a big bite.

Kevin, Luke and Travis caught over 50 largemouth bass on their fishing trip. Several quality bass were caught weighing 5 and 6 pounds. Along with these bass, Kevin caught a 7.22 pound largemouth bass to top the day off.

Water temperatures and fishing conditions were just right to produce an excellent fishing trip. I am looking forward to fishing with these awesome gentlemen next year. Don’t miss out on your Lake Okeechobee adventure today!

Come Catch Yours Today with Capt Mark Rose on Lake Okeechobee.

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